These terms and conditions shall apply to Rifaro Africa distributors providing Rifaro Africa services and or any Rifaro service as directed by Rifaro Africa from time to time.
These terms and conditions shall take precedence over other terms and conditions or agreement which may be contained in any other document given to the Rifaro Africa distributor.
Activation code: means a series of digits found inside the paper manual provided in the starter kit that must be entered to authorize the user.
Active distributor: means a Rifaro Africa network sales person whose monthly sales are 30,000 TZS and above/ who is meeting the mandatory monthly sales. Earlier referred as”member” (member in the list of Rifaro Africa distributors)
Award: means a reward for merit given by Rifaro Africa to their distributors (those who have met the conditions as stipulated in the manual book and according to Rifaro calculations)
Commission: means a payment or an amount of money one receives based on the value of sales received. It can form all or part of the pay package.
Cross line: means an individual who is not in the same lineage of network marketing business. When these individuals or their teams make sales, they do not benefit other cross lines.
Cross lining: means doing activities that involve talking/ marketing/ motivating/ business presentations/ having general talks /socializing and chatting with those individuals or distributors who are not within your line of business.
Down line: means an individual(s)/ Rifaro Africa distributor(s) whom you introduce or that introduced to business by your team of distributors
ERMP: means an enterprise resource management platform hired to distributors/ customers of airtime to enable them keep track of their business and earn on airtime they and their team of distributors and customers sale or purchase on the Rifaro airtime menu on both Zantel Ezypesa/ mobile money platform accessed via *150*02# and on Selcom card menu accessed through *150*50# and commissions from any new system lease-out they assist to make.
ERMP System Lease fee: The once off non refundable amount charged (USD 59 or as may be adjusted) to persons willing to be Rifaro Africa network marketing distributor. Herein after referred to as “the fee” or “lease fee”
Leg: means a stream or team of distributors emanating from one of your direct down line.
Strong leg: means a big team of distributors emanating from one of your direct down line.
Weak leg: means a small team of distributors emanating from one of your direct down line.
Sponsor: means a person who joins Rifaro services in support of a friend who is already a member of Rifaro Africa/ a person who introduces one to the Rifaro Africa business.

  1. All references to singular include plural and vice versa and the word “includes” should be construed as “without limitation.”
  2. Words referring to one gender include the other gender
  3. All headings, bold typing and italics (if any) have been placed for the purpose of reference only and do not indicate limit or affect the meaning/ interpretation or understanding of these terms.


  1.  Anyone joining Rifaro Africa must be aware of the entire business and first understand the fee since it is non-refundable.
  2.  For one to be a Rifaro network marketing distributor, he or she is required to pay a lease fee of 59 USD or 128,000 TZS (the amount may change due to various adjustments).
  3.  That after paying the lease fee, one must be provided with activation code so as to activate his or her business account.
  4.  Activation is done through registration online or after downloading the Rifaro Africa mobile application and the activation code becomes invalid after registration.
  5.  To become a Rifaro Africa distributor, one is required only to approach the authorized centers appointed by Rifaro Africa.
  6.  One must be taken through all options before deciding on what entry to join.
  7.  Anyone willing to join must be informed about other businesses to be done without paying any fee ; that is one can also be a sponsor or an airtime vendor.
  8.  That during registration, one must ensure that the mode of payment is activated. This is done by dialing *150*50# on the mobile phone.
  9.  Distributors must be aware that it is Rifaro that does transactions with companies/organizations.
  10. One will earn from sales if he or she is a vendor or Rifaro multi-level marketing distributor.
  11. One will earn commissions as a vendor as it is publicized from the websites and the same may change from time to time.
  12. One will earn as a multi level marketing distributor or Rifaro networking distributor only through the publicized compensation plan in the official website. (
  13. All multi level marketing distributors earn more from any direct sales, whether system leasing sales or airtime sales. The same will also earn from indirect sales made from their team as leadership bonus.
  14. Multi level marketing distributor’s team will only be used to mean the multi level marketing distributors and sponsors that you introduced and those that were introduced by that team to the 15th generation; and or as publicized on the Rifaro Africa website (that can change from time to time).
  15. For all scheduled airtime sales done by Rifaro distributors the sales contract will only be between Rifaro Africa Limited and the organization/ individuals buying the airtime. The distributor only acts as a sales agent who shall in turn be compensated a commission as publicized on the Rifaro website.
  16. For one to earn both weekly and monthly, a mandatory sales volume per month of 30,000TZS is required as a qualification of income (this may be amended from time to time).
  17. Be aware that the presentation presented used to explain the income commission to be earned, the company does not guarantee that that mathematical duplication may be a reality. It’s an assumption based presentation.
  18. You will only earn according to the actual personal and team sales / productivity.
  19. The Rifaro Point Value may vary from one country’s currency to the other.
  20. Rifaro Africa distributors upon conducting any sales shall be awarded Rifaro Point Value in place of their commission and would be paid their actual commission in their country’s currency on the commission payment due date.
  21. The leasing/ activation income/ commissions shall be paid on the consecutive week of business on or after Wednesday.
  22. The monthly airtime and products’ sales commissions shall be paid on the consecutive calendar month on or after 5th day.


  1. When registering, one should be cautious to register under the right person with the right details.
  2. When registering, ensure that the number of mode of payment is correct and belongs to you.
  3. When registering, ensure and cross check that your phone number is correctly written to avoid errors of omission that may lead not to receiving activation airtime.
  4. When registering, ensure and countercheck that you have entered the correct number of your introducer/ up line.
  5. It is a wrong and punishable act to solicit activations from individuals invited by other distributors and registering them under you. In case found you will be liable for paying an equivalent amount for a starter kit purchase.


  1. For the winner to receive an award, he or she must ensure that he/ she have met the preset conditions and that the number of his/ her distributors in order to qualify must be active distributors.
  2. The award winning distributor should have done his qualifying conditions within a maximum period of four (4) years from the date of his or her activation to the level of a Gold diamond director and a maximum of six (6) years to the level of an executive chairperson.
  3. Rifaro Africa distributorship ranks are met upon meeting the preset qualifications as publicized on the website.


  1. Rifaro Africa has the right to permanently disconnect the distributor from its network at any time if it determines, in its sole discretion that the connection may be used for purposes other than Rifaro services or that the distributor is not complying with these terms and conditions.
  2. Rifaro Africa shall provide distributors with a starter kit that enables the distributor to provide Rifaro services.
  3. Rifaro Africa at any time shall have the right to inspect any distributor’s business operations and its outlets to ensure compliance with the terms of these terms and conditions.
  4. Rifaro Africa reserves the right notwithstanding anything to the contrary, to change these terms and conditions and charges under which it offers the Rifaro services as a direct result of new legislation, statutory instrument, government regulations or licenses, rates of exchange, imposition or alteration of government tax or as a result of any review of the Rifaro Africa business planning, changes within the company, recommendation from regulator bodies or for such other reason as it may in its sole discretion determine.



  1. The commission rates payable to the distributor may be varied by Rifaro at its own discretion by publication on the Rifaro website or may otherwise notify the distributor from time to time.
  2. The commissions will be paid to the account number provided and qualifications met as prescribed in the Annexure A (General conditions).
  3. The distributor shall be responsible for any tax needed to be paid by law on commissions received. If in any case Rifaro Africa is required by law to make any changes then Rifaro Africa shall comply with such legislation.


  1. Either party; that is the aggrieved party or the defaulting party shall have the right to terminate these terms and conditions at any time without prejudice if:-
  2. The defaulting party commits material breach of the terms and conditions;
  3. The defaulting party enters into liquidation (whether compulsory or voluntarily) or suffer any similar action in consequence of debt;
  4. If the defaulting party is found to be responsible for any conduct that is considered fraudulent, unethical or may cause loss of reputation to the other party;
  5. The distributor shall not directly or indirectly engage in any fraudulent activity against Rifaro Africa. Any fraudulent activities by the distributor shall constitute to material breach of these terms and conditions.
  6. In case Rifaro Africa finds out that the distributor is involved in any fraudulent activities, Rifaro Africa shall freeze the distributor’s account, pending any Rifaro disciplinary hearing.
  7.  Rifaro Africa may penalize the distributor by withholding any commission due to such fraud and in addition may terminate these terms and conditions.
  8. Either of the parties may terminate these terms and conditions by giving notice.
  9. Neither party shall be responsible/liable to the other party for consequential damage of any kind as a result of the termination or otherwise.


  1. Rifaro Africa Distributors / Rifaro networking distributors shall remain as independent business entities.
  2. The distributor shall independently and at his /her own cost, brand and advertise his/ her business or services for the purpose of acquiring down lines in his/her chain of distribution or sale services or goods.
  3. Rifaro will at no cost engage itself in helping distributors brand their service; that is will not provide posters or hoarding boards for distributors or advertising money.
  4. If a Rifaro network marketing distributor / vendor / sponsor wishes to do any audio or visual / print media, social media or any other online marketing using the logos or brands of Rifaro Africa limited or of Rifaro Africa business partners, he/ she must first seek written approval from Rifaro Africa limited before doing publicity of such nature.


  1. Rifaro Africa will not be liable for wrong/ mistaken/ incorrect/ erroneous/ inaccurate/ misrepresented information that could be obtained from any Rifaro Africa center or any Rifaro Africa distributor.
  2. Rifaro Africa shall not be liable for any failed expectations of any distributor or vendor for income or any specific award.
  3. Rifaro Africa shall not be liable of decisions that are made of quitting other business in order to do Rifaro business full time.
  4. Rifaro Africa shall not be liable of any loss suffered; be it due to lack of any equipment/ delay of services/ non availability of Rifaro services/ any loss that is not within its control/ any fraudulent use of Rifaro services/ misrepresentation/ distributor’s failure to give proper instructions/ malfunction of any kind.

By availing the Rifaro services, the distributor accepts all the above mentioned terms and conditions and agrees to abide by the same.