Rifaro Africa Limited is a limited liability company fully registered in Tanzania that deals with sales and distribution of airtime, software development and software leasing services. Normally Rifaro Africa hires out an ERMP (Enterprise Resource Management Platform) to its independent distributors \ customers of airtime to enable them keep track and earn on airtime they and their team of distributors and customers purchase on the Rifaro airtime menu on both Zantel Ezypesa/ mobile money platform accessed via *150*02# and on Selcom card menu accessed through *150*50# and bonuses on any new activations they make. The *150*50# menu linked to one’s mobile phone enables distributors to purchase Zantel, Tigo, Vodacom and Airtel airtime.

Rifaro Africa only sells to its independent distributors and its customers who have subscribed to the service by purchasing a starter kit which contains a number of items which facilitates the distributor in his\her business processes.

Normally Rifaro Africa distributes its airtime to all members of its list of distributors through a model commonly known as multi-level \referral marketing or network marketing. Every time a distributor loads airtime, he\she qualifies to earn a commission that emanates from a commission that Rifaro Africa gets from Mobile Service Provider (MSP) or Selcom.

Whenever a distributor activates another distributor into the system and the new distributor goes ahead and activates another new generation distributor, that distributor who introduced the new distributor will earn commissions for airtime consumed by that distributor plus all the customers and distributors he\she introduces. This team will cascade only up to the 15th Generation, of which he will earn commissions in a specified and published manner.


To be a world class personal franchise business through referral marketing of simple, consumable and fast moving products.


Rifaro Africa has a very simple yet profound mission: To empower everyday people to achieve financial stability and security.


  • Passion
  • Teamwork
  • Honesty
  • Iintegrity
  • Creativity

Rifaro Africa is more than just a direct sales\personal franchise \network marketing company; we are a Company with committed, driven and inspired individuals, who are working together to improve the lives of thousands of people in Tanzania and eventually in Africa. In this struggling economy saving and making money is on the mind of everyone. Moreover, making money from a product that one uses daily and which one will continue to use for the rest of his\her life is not only highly invigorating but worth the while.


Rifaro Africa offers a simple yet extremely lucrative solution to help people accomplish both of these goals. We offer a duplicable business model with the fairest compensation plan for the African Market: Instead of using common airtime distribution methods, Rifaro Africa shares out its airtime commissions with its independent distributors who purchase directly as customer through referrals and word of mouth to develop a large airtime customer base as opposed to a large advertising budget. In this case, the money that would normally go to the middlemen and advertising is now used to reward business operators (airtime distributors) with commissions to help the company make a sale.

Telecom Company (MSP) benefits by gaining a loyal, enthusiastic and advocate customer base. Our company too is able to develop a direct relationship with customers creating better customer satisfaction and retention. On the other hand, subscribers are able to save money without compromising on quality -which additionally makes their products more appealing. More so; Distributors undergo entrepreneurship, change management, team building, marketing and personal development trainings that are held weekly, monthly and annually as big motivational and leadership trainings held bi-monthly to augment their personal growth and development.

The benefits of a subscriber are limited to the services he\she buys. In the ordinary sales structure of airtime the Mobile Service Provider (MSP) supplies to dealers and they distribute to their agents in various districts who in turn supply to retail outlets. The subscriber buys from a retail outlet and does not become a financial beneficiary of the sales model. Those with little capital and who wishes to join the lucrative telecommunication industry and to make a relevant income are not able, due to the usual or common model of distribution without technology that limits you to only customers close to you / those in proximity, but through Rifaro Africa this has become possible. Compare and contrast Point Of Sale devices with Rifaro Africa ERMP:


POS Device users Rifaro Africa ERMP users are limited to clientele on a fixed location Open source market for customers and airtime distributors through MLM
High start-up capital and as well as maintenance costs are involved Low start-up capital and no maintenance costs for the system
No freedom to access old/all data You have access to your unlimited data
No leverage from a team of sales persons You get leverage from your sales distributors too
Inconveniences of float delays as a result of over reliance on your service provider for float No float delay, you self services your ewallet
You are tied down to a single device thus in case of technical faults your sales stops Online system, thus you can change your devices

Example of how the Rifaro independent distributors work.
This is an example and the names do not represent any particular person/ distributor.

Joram gets the good news from a friend. He is excited by the business opportunity and he introduces Ali – his neighbor to his new business. Ali brings his girlfriend on board, who goes ahead to share the opportunity to Aisha at their hangout Salon then Aisha introduces Mary – her college mate and the network goes on. Every time Joram or any of the above purchases his\her own airtime, they earn a percentage of their consumption. When Ali and his down lines to the 14th generation purchase airtime, Joram earns a commission and so do the others who are distributors. In this case, kindly note; those joining us customers free of change don’t earn commissions. If you work the numbers, Joram’s new business opportunity gradually turns into a fortune motivating him to activate more people, and so is Ali and others. They are all allowed by the system to create their customers who don’t earn money but consume airtime and independent distributors too.

Kindly note: it’s not just about introducing people, but more SIM card activations are taking place and more airtime is being purchased. Customers are now converted to advocate customers, this increases the sales force that are compensated though commissions earned from their sales performance. While at the same time contributing to higher subscriber retention and growth in Average Revenue Per user (ARPU) for the industry.